Diplomatic Car Sales

Exceptional conditions for your institution


The best privilege are for the special customer like you. At Mercedes-Benz, we are delighted to offer you exceptional conditions for a new Mercedes-Benz diplomatic car either official or private uses. By choosing from any model in Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car range, V-Class, and special protection MB Guard.

Diplomatic Car Sales

Who is eligible?

• Diplomats/ Employees of Embassies/ Consulates Generals/ consulates
• United Nations Organizations
• International Organizations such as
    - ADB
    - APT
    - APPU
    - EU
    - European Council
    - IMF
    - IOM
    - NATO
    - SEAMEO

What is required?

1. A diplomatic passport/ diplomatic visa in passport from the foreign ministry as well as the accreditation certificate from the host country
2. A special passport should be made available together with a certificate of accreditation from the host country
3. A copy of the person's NATO or other official ID should be submitted together with a certificate of accreditation from the host country

What is benefits?

• Attractive pricing with granted discount.
• Individual equipment options can be selected according to your preference.
• Exclusive 3-year warranty.
• Authorized dealer support available across the country.
• Select place of delivery in Thailand.
• Very high resale value in Thai market after the required holding period of five years.

Please feel free to contact us for further information:

Ms. Naruedee Sahawatcharin
Diplomatic Sales Manager
Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd.
Telephone: (66 2) 034 1115
Fax: (66 2) 034 1234
E-mail: naruedee.sahawatcharin@daimler.com