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The image shows the interior design of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA with ambient lighting.

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Let's take it for a test drive.

Let's take it for a test drive.

The image shows the exterior of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.

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Book your test drive now.


The innovative safety concept of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.


The innovative safety concept of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Off-Road Engineering Package with Downhill Speed Regulation
The new Off-Road Engineering Package steels the new GLA off the road as well. Downhill Speed Regulation keeps your speed in the desired range on downhill stretches.

The Off-Road Engineering Package also adapts ABS, ESP® and ETS to your surroundings. The power delivery and ABS control likewise adapt to driving in easy terrain off paved roads. In this way, they ensure comfort and safety in snow, slush and on other loose surfaces.

Driving Assistance Package

On the road to autonomous driving: the latest systems assist you in your specific situation with speed adjustment, steering, lane changes, and even in a potential collision.

The risk of an accident is reduced – passengers and road users are protected effectively. Making sure that you reach your destination relaxed and safe.

Active Brake Assist
An extra eye on the road: Active Brake Assist warns you of the risk of rear-end collisions as well as of crossing pedestrians and cyclists, and in emergencies is able to initiate autonomous emergency braking.
Head-up display
All at a glance. The head-up display projects a virtual display above the bonnet. Here you find important information about your drive. Without taking your eyes off the road.
Optimal visibility ahead: with 18 individually controlled LEDs per headlamp, the MULTIBEAM LED lighting system allows you to drive with permanent main beams without dazzling anyone.

The Intelligent Light System has a host of different functions. They include, amongst others, split main beam, city mode, country road mode, motorway mode, active light function and cornering light. This enables you to recognise hazards before they can become a hazard.

The image shows the interior of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Driving assistance and safety

The image shows the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.


The image shows a headlamp of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Light and sight

The image shows a suspension of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.


Safety equipment packages

Everything that makes your new GLA even safer.

Safety equipment packages

Everything that makes your new GLA even safer.

Parking Package with reversing camera

The media display provides a view of the surroundings behind the vehicle during parking manoeuvres.

Mirror Package

Fold in the exterior mirrors electrically and make your car narrower at the touch of a button.

The availability of the communication module (LTE) is temporarily limited for certain vehicles due to supply bottlenecks. Please note that especially Mercedes me connect services including the emergency call system "eCall" are not available in the affected vehicles. Ongoing actual information is available at your Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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