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Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil

Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil.

If your Mercedes had a choice. Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil.

Uniquely formulated Premium Genuine engine oil.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil was developed specially by our experts,who also built your engine. With it you are choosing an oil that unites innovative power and the long-term experience of our scientists and engineers.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil is made of particularly powerful components and additives and even exceeds standard quality requirements. Our oil ensures that the engine of your Mercedes-Benz van can work reliably.

Check your oil level regularly and make sure that you always keep a sufficient supply of Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil in your car boot for topping up. Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil is available from your Mercedes-Benz service partner.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Safety, even at extreme temperatures
  • More power through reduced internal friction
  • Lubrication safety in all handling situations
  • Less wear, cleaner engine and longer engine life
  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine engine oil can reduce fuel consumption and thus, environmental impact as well
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