In-Car Gaming Challenge l Trailer


To find the most innovative concepts for completely new in-car experiences, Daimler is now starting a major competition for new entertainment ideas: the In-Car Gaming Challenge. We are looking for exciting, creative ideas on all aspects of gaming. The best idea will also have an opportunity to find its way into the car.

Whether flying to Mars in a game or fishing Mercedes stars from the sky together with other vehicle occupants: there are no limits to the imagination in the Challenge as you can see in the linked video. Applications are open to gamers, developers, interaction designers and students – either as individuals or as startups with up to five participants. Car-to-car games with occupants of other vehicles are just as welcome as unconventional ideas that involve the landscape and surroundings in the action. Innovative learning games for adults and children are also suitable for the Challenge.


*The In-Car Gaming Challenge is currently not available in Thailand.