How many types of Mercedes Original Tires do we offer ?
As of now, we have 3 types of Mercedes Original Tires as following;
1. Mercedes Original (MO) for normal Mercedes-Benz models
2. Mercedes Original Extended (MOE) Run-Flat tire for your worry-free driving
3. Mercedes Original 1 (MO1) for high-performance vehicles (Mercedes-AMG)

Why should I use Mercedes-Benz Original Tires?

Mercedes-Benz Original Tires is specifically developed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles to match with the unique characteristics of the car. Mercedes-Benz Original tires works perfectly with the Mercedes-Benz safety systems, allowing the best driving performance.


Does tire manufacturing date affect the driving performance?

When tire is stored in the proper environment such as normal weather, dry temperature, far from sunlight and chemical products, it will reserve its working characteristics for a long time without deterioration. Deterioration of tires is a chemical and physical process, which will only occur slowly. The importance is to select the right tire size, right purpose of usage with a proper maintenance.


How long can MOE tires run in case of a flat tire?

In case of a loss of pressure or a flat tire due to accident, MOE tires allows you to continue your travelling for up to 80 kilometers distance with up to 80 Km/Hour in speed, depending on carrying capacity and the tires condition.


Do MOE tires need to be inflated?

Yes. MOE tires need to be filled with air just like normal tires. You should check the tire pressure and maintenance regularly.


Where can I purchase Mercedes-Benz Original Tires?

You can come to these participated Mercedes-Benz authorized service centers for Mercedes-Benz Original Tires change service;

Bangkok and vicinity

- Bhanthavee Auto Master Ltd., Part.
- TTC Motor Co., Ltd.
- Benz Rajchakru Co., Ltd.
- Benz BKK Vipawadee Co., Ltd.
- Thonburi Phanich Co., Ltd. (Lumpini)
- Benz Talingchan Co., Ltd.
- Star Flag Co., Ltd.
- MB Ramintra Co., Ltd.
- Metro Autohaus Co., Ltd.
- BKK Autohaus Kanchanapisek Co., Ltd.
- ATTA Autohaus Co., Ltd.
- Primus Autohaus Co., Ltd.
- Viriyah Cars Body Service Co., Ltd.

Central Region

- Benz Petra Co., Ltd.
- Benz Petcharat Co., Ltd.

Western Region

- TST Mercedes-Benz Co., Ltd.

Northern Region

- Phitsanulok Namthong Co., Ltd.

Northeastern Region

- Benz Udonthani Co., Ltd.
- Autopolis Co., Ltd.
- MB Korat Autohaus Co., Ltd.
- TTC Motor Ubon Ratchathani Co., Ltd

Eastern Region

- Chitchai Chonburi Co., Ltd.

Southern Region

- TST Huahin Co., Ltd.
- Sanguan Wattana Enterprise Co., Ltd