Welcome to iD1 program!

Mercedes-Benz pre-owned vehicles
The iD1 (Ideally No.1) program offers the best opportunity and best satisfaction to customers in possessing used Mercedes-Benz cars under the guaranteed quality standard including after-sales services.

For a vehicle to be certified under the iD1 used vehicle program, it must be at maximum age of 8 years model pre-owned vehicle and pass a stringent Milti point check (150 points) inspection which giving a benchmark of the quality standards.

The iD1 vehicle program will cover availability of a wide range of products, attractive prices, genuine parts and customer care program. Our customers are able to purchase, sell and trade-in their vehicles conveniently at the authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers throughout Thailand.

Further information please contact all authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers or Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd., SalesDepartment.