Charging Recommendation


Charging Recommendations

Safety Measures 

  • A ground cable must be installed.
  • The cable must be 3 mmx 1.5 mm.
  • No charging via a power strip.
  • For safety reasons, the ground prong should never be removed.
  • Remark: please consult a Mercedes-Benz specialist to ensure properly installation for your own safety and the vehicle’s optimal operation.

Charging Procedure  

  • Unlock the vehicle and power it off before every charge. (Should the engine still be running, you would not be able to open the charging cap located on the right of the back bumper. This is a safety measure.)
  • Always verify whether the charging cable is properly placed. While charging, a green battery will appear. A green light will also appear at the charging cable dispenser. (While charging, you will not be able to turn on the engine.)
  • While charging, you will still be able to lock the vehicle for safety reasons.
  • The green light at the charging cable dispenser will turn off when the full capacity is reached.
  • To remove the charging cable, you will need to unlock the vehicle first. Pulling the cable off without unlocking your vehicle will likely result in some damage to the system.

Plug-In Hybrid Battery Warranty

  • 5-year warranty regardless of the mileage.
  • Goodwill warranty after the 5th-year mark is valid until the 10th-year mark or the 150,000 Km mileage mark, whichever occurs first.

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