About the Wallbox

Benefits of the Wallbox

The Wallbox is tailored specifically to Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles. It’s a high-quality charging device that minimizes charging time. It is compatible with the following Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles.(C 350 e, E 350 e, S 500 e, and GLE 500 e)

    Special Material and Technology for Optimal Safety

    • Overheating prevented by temperature management system.
    • The mechanism that locks the charging cable in place while charging also prevents theft and electrical dangers. The Wallbox discharges electricity only when the cable is properly attached to the vehicle.

    Intelligent & Easy-to-Operate

    • Buttons and LED status lights (power on/off, charging, system error) make for easy operation.
    • Easy key switch control: the Wallbox does not discharge electricity when the switch is locked.
    • Charging your vehicle via the Wallbox is easier, faster and safer than charging it at home with the standard vehicle cable.

    Charging Stations

    Information and availability are subject to change without notice.

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