Special offer for “Payment Holiday” starting at 19,900 Baht
5 May 2014

Bangkok – Mercedes-Benz Thailand is pleasing fans of Mercedes-Benz with a special offer that eases ownership of three models from Mercedes-Benz—the B 180 Sport, the C 180 Coupé AMG Dynamic and the E 200 Executive—through Mercedes-Benz Leasing’s “mySTAR” financial service under a new campaign called “Payment Holiday”. It lets customers of Mercedes-Benz’s authorised dealers pay a comfortably low monthly installment starting at 19,900 baht for only 11 months a year, giving them a privileged payment holiday of five months. The promotional campaign runs until 30 June 2014.

Mr. Komkrit Nongsawat, General Manager of Marketing & Communications, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said: “Mercedes-Benz is easing ownership of Mercedes-Benz cars through special offers in which customers seeking “mySTAR” financial service from Mercedes-Benz Leasing can own the car from the first moment and still have the freedom to choose at the end of their contract whether they prefer to return the car, extend the financing term, or simply pay-off the remaining balance to completely own that car. With these options, the customers can stay worry-free about depreciation if they decide to return the car to the company, for instance, and easily manage their finances with fixed monthly cost of ownership throughout the contract period. We have also launched the new “Payment Holiday” campaign that enables a low monthly installment starting at 19,900 baht for buyers of the B 180 Sport and a similarly low monthly installment starting at 27,900 baht for buyers of the C 180 Coupé AMG Dynamic and E 200 Executive, plus a privileged offer to pay the installment for only 11 months each year and enjoy up to five months of payment holiday on the 12th, 24th, 36th, 48th and 60th months of their contract,” he explained.

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