Mercedes-Benz strengthens After-Sales Service
with addition of “Genuine Remanufactured Parts”
27 November 2014

Bangkok – Mercedes-Benz Thailand introduced Mercedes-Benz’s “Genuine Remanufactured Parts” (REMAN) that boast the same quality standards as new genuine parts from the brand with up to 30% cost saving and two-year warranty for customers.

Mr. Putthi Tulayathun, Vice President of After-Sales at Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said: “At Mercedes-Benz, not only service excellence but also best customer experience are among our topmost priorities. We constantly enhance our after-sales service to ensure superb quality both in terms of parts and services and moderate total cost of ownership in class. In addition to special offers presented to our customers under “My Service” programme, we are now introducing “Genuine Remanufactured Parts” (REMAN) as the latest addition to our After-Sales Service. Mercedes-Benz’s Genuine remanufactured parts that have the same quality standards as new genuine parts are subject to the same stringent series production standard and undergo the same final inspection process. REMAN parts are available for all models of Mercedes-Benz cars. As key benefits of REMAN parts, customers can save up to 30% compared with the cost of a new part and still have added confidence of two-year parts warranty. At the same time, REMAN contributes to the environment because it involves less use of new materials and consumes less energy and emissions in the production.”

“With genuine REMAN Parts from Mercedes-Benz, every returned parts have to go through several stages of remanufacturing process before being approved as Mercedes- Benz Genuine Remanufacturing Parts. The procedure begins from complete disassembly of all constituent parts from their skeletons. The constituents in well-off condition then enter a cleaning operation, visual inspection, dimensional check and testing. Small wearable parts, such as nuts, screws, etc. are completely replaced with new ones at time of reassembly. All the remanufactured parts then undergo a final testing governed by the same stringent standards as new genuine parts. Customers can therefore be assured that all REMAN Parts are just as good as new Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.” Mr. Putthi explained.

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