Mercedes-Benz launches the new generation CLS
with delivery set to start in October
25 September 2014

Bangkok – Mercedes-Benz Thailand today unveiled the new generation four-door CLS Coupé and the new generation sporty five-seater CLS Shooting Brake, presenting an extensive revision of its CLS-Class. In their latest incarnation, both design icons are fascinating especially with their enthralling lines and a honed front section that looks more dynamic with a new and expressive diamond radiator grille. Their further upgraded interior combines contemporary luxury with passionate sportiness. Another highlight is the innovative MULTIBEAM LED headlamps that open up new dimensions in lighting systems. Delivery of CLS 250 CDI Exclusive at 4.49 million baht, CLS 250 CDI AMG Premium at 4.99 million baht, and CLS 250 CDI Shooting Brake AMG Premium at 5.09 million baht will start in October this year.

Mr. Michael Grewe, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said: “The CLS-Class is a series from Mercedes-Benz’s Dream Car category. It stands out as one of a kind of four-door coupé with distinctive and ultra-modern styling. As the founder of this particular segment, Mercedes-Benz combined for the first time the elegance and dynamism of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a saloon. As a result of this, the CLS-Class has since established itself as one of the popular products from the line of innovative Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The new generation CLS appeals especially to high achievers, both in terms of work and personal life, who enjoy leading an active lifestyle.”

“The new generation CLS brings about extensive revision to the CLS Coupé and the CLS Shooting Brake while retaining unique character of the CLS-Class,” Mr. Grewe continued. “Both design icons now feature MULTIBEAM LED technology that combines the very best of today’s lighting technologies. With all these, the new generation CLS reaffirms Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to deliver the best to customers and clearly reflects our brand values of ‘Fascination’ and ‘Perfection’.”

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