Mercedes-Benz is first to provide a unique agility

testing on the F1-like race circuit of Buriram.

15 October 2014

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited is giving members of the Thai media an opportunity to experience the performance of C 180 Exclusive and C 250 AMG Dynamic in the first test drive of the new C-Class on Chang International Circuit, the FIA GRADE 1 / FIM Grade A racing circuit in Buriram.

Mr. Martin Schulz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said: “Within the ‘Mercedes-Benz Driving Events, the new C-Class Press Test Drive will expose the media to the performance of two cars from the new C-Class. It takes a circuit like this one to experience the full capability and agility of the new C-Class.

“This is a family of premium mid-sized sedans from our Contemporary Luxury category, namely C 180 Exclusive and C 250 AMG Dynamic,” he said.

“The new C-Class adds to the Mercedes-Benz success story with striking and dynamic design in all dimensions, along with its perfection for all lifestyles.”

The new C-Class Press Test Drive is more special than previous test drives because the company will provide as many as 10 test cars for the media, making it a major test drive of Contemporary Luxury vehicles by Mercedes-Benz Thailand.

In addition, the test venue, Chang International Circuit, is certified by FIA as Grade 1 and by FIM as Grade A racing circuit, so participating media become the first group of general individuals to drive on this world-class racing circuit, with driving instructors from Mercedes-Benz as their mentors.

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