Mercedes–Benz (Thailand) promotes
“Share The Road” Concept
17 September 2014

In a popular, public eco initiative, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Company Limited has joined forces with the “Big Trees” in organizing “Share The Road Bike Trip” for Bangkok residents.

“Share The Road” is a campaign now gaining support and popularity in many countries across the world as part of a push to promote not only equal right to roads, but also road safety.

In Thailand, several organizations have launched campaigns based on this concept and showing how people can share the roads in different ways. The joint project between Mercedes-Benz and “Big Trees” not only allowed cyclists to join an eco tour, but also increased public awareness of the need for co-existence among bicycles, motor vehicles, people and trees.

Mr. Prakit Sutthinirankul, General Manager in Products and Planning, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, says, “At Mercedes-Benz, we have long conducted our business in line with our vision of developing environmentally friendly vehicles as we recognize the importance of mutual co-existence among vehicles, road users and nature.

“To promote the Share The Road concept further, we have joined with Big Trees - the group that has brought together people who wish to conserve nature and protect trees, in organizing the Share The Road Bike Trip.

“Bangkok residents were invited to join because we wanted to make them aware that urban development and environmental protection can go hand in hand. Likewise, motor vehicles and bicycles can share the same roads. We do this in the hope of boosting road safety, reducing pollution, and adding green areas along the roads. This is a way to maintain the balance between human society and nature”.

Mr Prakit said in organizing the trip, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) had become the first in Thailand’s automotive industry to conduct the Share The Road activities.

“Our Share The Road Bike Trip is held to promote the culture of sharing the roads among bicycles, motor vehicles, people, and trees,” he said.

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