Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, an automotive company operated under the umbrella of Daimler AG, the world's largest manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, was founded on January 14, 1998. Mercedes-Benz Thailand handles the importation, assembly, and distribution of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as provides full maintenance and after-sales services to its clientele.

We are currently looking for qualified candidates to join the first class team according to the following position.

    Quality Engineer


    1. Product Quality Inspection:
    • Provide Quality information feedback about major problem to supervisor and keep record all problems.
    • Monitor and report First Run Rate reporting.
    • Conduct the audited vehicle for minimum Sample size/Month/Model.
    • Present product quality to Production and relevant parties.
    • Fault report to responsible area and keep monitoring including dynamic check other vehicles to determine scope of actions.
    • Audit office data input for monthly report.

    2. Technical Product and Standard alignment:
    • Coordinate finished product and quality information supports Thonburi Automotive
    Assembly Plant/Final Q-Gate.
    • Coordinate and prepare Q-levelling activity at Voice of Customer Audit (VoCA) and participate Q-levelling at PA Paint shop and SKD Body

    3. Campaign Message and special process/requirement:
    • Support and coordinate with campaign team to action campaign message.
    • Monitor and ensure to release vehicle which action are done according to campaign massage.
    • Undertake special projects regarding Mercedes-Benz vehicle audit and quality aspect when require by management.

    4. Alteration, Part Supply Approval Sheet (PSAS) process:
    • Coordinate, monitor and ensure vehicle release according to Alteration or PSAS process.

    5. Customer feedback:
    • To be an effective communicator and ensure all complaints are acknowledged in a timely manner by originator.
    • Follow up and ensure corrective and preventive action implemented.
    • Provide complaint trends and communicate lessons learnt.

    6. Documentation:
    • Document updating, creating and controlling all quality documents which related to responsible area. (Work Instruction, check sheet, Procedure etc.)

    7. Supporting Quality System Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) - MBTh:
    • Ensure activities in responsible area follow requirements according to the MBTh Quality policy, all process are described and maintained in time.
    • Implement internal process audits with follow-up.

    • Bachelor in mechanic and technical, automotive field or comparable
    • 1 year experience in mechanical/automotive industry,
    • vehicle manufacturing, customer complaint or equivalent field. New graduated is
    • welcome.
    • Good knowledge in manufacturing process and technical product
    • Good leading, analysis, data processing, assembly and painting process skills
    • Open minded and be able to work as a team
    • No color blind
    • Own a driver license
    • Computer literacy (MS Office)
    • Good command of English.
    • Able to communicate in Thai fluently (listening, speaking, reading and writing)

    DCVT Customer Service Specialist


    1. Customer Service Liaison:
    • Conduct regular dealer contact to gather feedback on the subject of service processes, Labor Operation Time and related warranty issues.
    • Research and provide feedback for Thailand service problems.
    • Help ensure timely & accurate warranty reporting from dealer and processing through Daimler Trucks Asia Thailand.
    • Ensure correct standard texts and warranty codes are applied by dealers.
    • Monitor warranty submissions to ensure high customer satisfaction, proper processes after being followed and submissions are in line with expectations.
    • Steering of Warranty & Goodwill (W&G) development and constant monitoring of developments including comparisons in between markets.
    • Identify repeated repairs and consult dealers to initiate appropriate countermeasures.

    2. Network Responsibility:
    • Maintain contact with the authorized workshops and help deal with customer or operational issues.
    • Assist Network Development Manager to research and submit documentation for new dealer candidates.
    • Provide monthly report on basic performance of the workshop dealers / new 3S dealers (Full range dealer, Sales, Service and Parts).

    3. General Administration:
    • Assist in the formation of all aspects of the new Daimler Commercial Vehicles Thailand (DCVT) organization.
    • Act as key interface for various working groups.

    4. Reporting and Optimization:
    • Assist in preparing reports showing performance and progress in all areas of the organization.
    • Prepare annual warranty review to help ensure proper funding and future warranty policies.

    5. Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Demo pool:
    • Manage demonstrative cars scheme. Administrate demonstration cars usage to optimize sales opportunities and brand exposure.
    • Plan and manage annual budget; ensure the most efficient budget spending.

    6. Project activity:
    • Lead and participate in department own and inter-department committees, work councils and projects related to the formation of DCVT.

    • Bachelor or higher in any field
    • At least 5 years automotive, organizational experience in all aspects of the truck business, preferably within Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Fuso trucks or in any other Commercial Vehicles brand organization
    • Good product knowledge on commercial trucks from 3.5T – 50T (Light – Medium Duty Trucks)
    • Good technical and analytical skills
    • Good know-how about Customer Service structure and warranty procedures
    • Good experience in communicating with dealers, personnel and internal organization
    • Computer literacy (MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
    • Fluent in English and Thai

    Commercial Vehicles Officer - Bus


    1. Routine Tasks:
    • Daily operations.
    • Internal and external communication.
    • Documentation.

    2. Market Intelligence:
    • Research, analyze, compare and update competitors’ products.
    • Update information in the market such as sales volumes for the preparation of presentation slides.
    • Participate in meetings relating to bus sales and marketing, logistics, controlling, accounting and finance.

    3. Bus Operations:
    • Prepare monthly plans and reports, Kufri, Operational and Strategic Plan.
    • Plan and verify month-end stock level, wholesales and retail figures with Controlling, Treasury, and Mercedes-Benz Leasing (Thailand) - MBLT.
    • Provide technical assistance and product info in terms of homologation, type approval process and special tender projects.
    • Analyze product pricing, price volumes analysis.
    • Monitoring departmental budget.
    • Prepare all documents relating to Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Completely Built Up (CBU) imports, duty exemption process for new products.
    • Initiate, coordinate, support, and monitor dealers sales and marketing activities.
    • Translate documents on technical information, homologation results, news/articles, spare parts, tender documents, etc.
    • Provide, support and coordinate all matters relating to logistics. Verify production cost and related logistics cost.
    • Support and assist in auditing process on internal and external parties such as Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI)

    4. SAP Process for CKD and CBU:
    • Input, control, verify, and monitor vehicle data in the system.
    • Execute SAP actions.

    5. Floorplan Supporting:
    • Update and coordinate with MBLT in terms of floorplan.

    6. Compliance:
    • Prepare, verify, monitor and retain record on dealer’s sales transactions as part of requirement for corporate compliance and anti-bribery process.

    • Graduate in Business Administration or higher.
    • Have experiences in sales and marketing, preferable in automotive industry.
    • Own commercial vehicles product knowledge
    • Excellent English proficiency
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

    Parts Trading Business Senior Manager


    1. Development and future refining of national Over-the-Counter (OtC) Excellence strategy:
    • Development of short-term sales measure in order to push OtC business.
    • Creation and refining of a national OtC-Excellence strategy and concept on basis of the GSP ‘OtC Essentials’ and under consideration of available OtC market studies with the aim to maximize parts market exploitation and customer parts purchase loyalty.
    • Establishment of standardized Sales channels and OtC Service offers as well as development of quantitative and qualitative bonus and incentive schemes and appropriate Network Branding for authorized OtC partners.

    2. Regular Retail Visits:
    • Visits of authorized OtC dealers and joint visits with the dealers’ parts field force to ISPs (Independent Service Providers) to understand their needs, ensure know-how transfer and to develop customer specific solutions and ensure standardized offers and processes.
    • Ensure feedback about visit results, defined measures and target achievement to Mercedes-Benz Thailand Management.

    3. Active dealer support:
    • Creation and coordination of ‘Active Selling’ activities with focus on overall OtC business development via authorized OtC partners.
    • Analyse and capture actual processes at authorized OtC dealers and define measures to improve effectiveness of parts department e.g. ordering behavior, sales procedure, pricing policy, stock control, inventory control, logistics, OtC Marketing and other activities etc. (aligned with After Sales Field Force).

    4. Marketing Communication:
    • Support authorized OtC partners in developing effective and adequate specific marketing plans and campaigns including success monitoring.
    • Address needs for local OtC marketing support and campaigns to Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) – MBTh, After-Sales Marketing Team and monitor success.
    • Assure compliance to Daimler Corporate identity/Corporate Design guidelines.

    • Bachelor or higher in Business Administration or Marketing with relevant majors.
    • At least 7 years of professional experience in automotive After-Sales, preferably After-Sales retail or Parts wholesale/retail experience.
    • Solid knowledge in parts processes.
    • Positive, self-motivated outlook coupled with the analytical and strategic thinking.
    • Entrepreneurial, independent and customer dedicated thinking and acting.
    • Tactful and diplomatic negotiation skills with ability to convince customers and suppliers and emphasis on building team spirit.
    • Willingness to conduct extensive travel activities, nationwide.
    • Computer literacy in standard programs
    • Able to communicate in Thai fluently (listening , speaking, reading and writing)
    • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1” (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory.
    • Have a driver license.

    Fleet & Diplomatic Sales Senior Manager


    1. Fleet Business Development / Fleet Key Account Management
    • Develop national Fleet policy from Fleet sales channel guideline of DaimlerAG (DAG).
    • Set up dealer standard of Fleet business for all dealers to support qualitative Fleet business development.
    • Define Fleet targets both quantitative and qualitative, and develop strategy to achieve the set targets.
    • Structure Fleet Center concept and manage Fleet business steering at retailers together with Retail Consulting team.
    • Initiate competitive offers to win major Fleet deals including Fleet products, services package and financial services, etc.

    2. Direct Sales Management
    • Develop national Direct sales policy and business process guideline.
    • Oversee all of Direct sales deals to ensure the competitive offers must be complying with Daimler work instruction.
    • Manage Customer Relationship Management activities and arrange product training when required for government and diplomat customers.
    • Coordinate with other departments and DAG to provide trainings for government customers when required.

    3. Used-cars (UC) Business
    • Implement DAG set UC guideline and update business development status with DAG.
    • Develop national UC sales strategy, standards for UC sales in the network, process and product measures such as UC sources, UC warranty product.
    • Define UC targets both quantitative and qualitative (i.e. average stock age, trade-in ration, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) standards, punctuality and quality of UC reporting) and develop strategy to achieve the set targets.
    • Provide trainings and consultations to dealers for all UC business processes together with Retail Consulting team.
    • Oversee the auction of company car to dealers and other remarketing channels.

    4. Personnel Management
    • Manage, motivate and train employee in order to achieve optimum result with regards to the objective of the function and the personal development of the team.

    • Bachelor or Master degree in Marketing, Business Administration or related field
    • At least 5-year experience in Sales & Marketing field in automotive industry, preferably in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or wholesale business
    • Being proficient in financial services and fleet management tools
    • Strong analytical, problem solving, negotiation and inter-personal skills with high self-confidence
    • High level of customer and service orientation
    • Able to communicate in Thai
    • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1”
    • (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory.

    Ordering Center & Sales Administration Senior Manager


    1. Dealer Target Agreement:
    • Prepare all dealers annual Target Agreement based on short term plan “KUFRI” and dealers past performance both passenger car (PC) and van.

    2. Vehicles Allocation & Inventory Management:
    • Allocate Completely Built Up (CBU) & Completely Knocked Down (CKD) PC and Van vehicles based upon dealer target agreement.
    • Gather information related to quarterly & annually sales performance among field forces and dealers in order meet target agreements.
    • Manage and monitor inventory data and coordinate with Field Forces to ensure their dealers accept the vehicles as previously agreed on contracts.
    • Detailed planning of current month under consideration of shipment and local production buy-off plans, Vehicle Preparation Center capacities, logistical and homologation issues

    3. CBU Ordering:
    • Monitor CBU figures from Daimler Overseas and Product Planning department to ensure that the numbers of allocation are matched with KUFRI.
    • Management of special planning and ordering process for advance car for homologation and market launch purposes.
    • Consolidate dealer and Market Performance Center requirements planning.
    • Monitor CBU ordering process to ensure in accuracy.

    4. Special discount (Campaign and Reimbursement):
    • Analyzing monthly discount figures (actual year).
    • Monthly review and up-date of sales channel planning and all discounts Up-date of actual and planned sales campaign budgets.
    • Monitor and verify in accuracy for the payment of reimbursement, incentives and campaign.

    5. Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Demo pool:
    • Manage demonstrative cars scheme. Administrate demonstration cars usage to optimize sales opportunities and brand exposure.
    • Plan and manage annual budget; ensure the most efficient budget spending.

    6. Sales Admin & Sales Related Projects:
    Manage of all Admin function in Sales Operations.

    • Master in Business Administration, Marketing or relate field
    • 3-5 year experience in sales administration or sales support, preferably in automotive industry
    • Strong communication and analytical thinking skills
    • Self-starter, service mind, energetic and able to work under pressure
    • High responsibility, good team work, quick action and multi-tasking
    • Computer literacy (MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
    • Can communicate in Thai
    • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1” (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory.

    After-Sales Field Force Manager


    1. Dealer visits, consulting and feedback:
    • Conduct Dealer visit according to agreed visit frequency.
    • Ensure consistent creation of dealer visit reports including improvement measures and accountability on dealer level.
    • Coordinate dealer feedback to internal stakeholders on AS topics.

    2. Dealer Parts & Service Performance and Development:
    • Perform operational review and consult dealer on their performance based on AS KPIs, defined targets (Parts and Oil) and workshop process consulting with the objective to improve their overall Parts and Service performance.
    • Ensure bilateral establishment of sustainably improvement measures.
    • Coordinate set-up of appropriate After-Sales dealer targets.

    3. Dealer Standard Monitoring:
    • Ensure proper consulting on National After-Sales Dealer Standards, review audit results and advice on improvement measures.
    • Coordinate with Network Development and other AS departments on update or review of standards.
    • Observe dealer compliance with overall Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) – (MBTh) policies and guidelines.

    4. New dealer setup:
    • Support new dealer set-up on all AS aspects including Dealer Standards and perform AS assessment according to ISO.

    5. Support Parts & Service Marketing Campaign:
    • Support AS Marketing team with necessary guidance of dealers to execute AS Marketing campaigns.
    • Collect dealer feedback and coordinate with internal stakeholders.

    6. Special Assignment:
    • Handle and coordinate special tasks as assigned.

    •   Bachelor or higher in Business Administration or Marketing with relevant majors.
    • 3-5 years of professional experience in automotive After-Sales (AS), preferably AS retail.
    • Solid knowledge in workshop and parts processes.
    • High willingness to learn, poses a positive, self-motivated outlook coupled with the analytical, strategic thinking and emphasis on building team spirit.
    • Tactful and diplomatic with ability to convince customers, suppliers.
    • Strong management and negotiation skills.
    • Computer literacy (MS Office, Internet).
    • Good command of English both spoken and written.
    • Able to communicate in Thai fluently (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
    • Able to travel around Bangkok and Up-country.
    • Own driver license.

    Used Car Sales Manager


    1. Sales Strategic Planning:
    • Formulate used car marketing plan, initiate and conduct sales promotions (Trade-in).
    • Analyze own and competitors movement, sales, and lost sales, adjusting stocking policies as appropriate.

    2. Used Cars Dealer Consultant:
    • Maintain effective liaison with other sales managers.
    • Advise the Dealer Principal and other managers on used car sales matters.
    • Advise and coach subordinates on appropriate used car sales-related matters.
    • Ensure adequate stock of product and price information is available.

    3. Improved profitability:
    • To ensure budgetary sales/profit forecasts are achieved.
    • To maintain the annual rate of stock turnover.
    • To ensure annual increase of local market penetration.
    • To ensure used car stock value does not exceed agreed annual figure.
    • To ensure cost-effective utilization of sales space.
    • To create and manage the advertising to build Brand awareness for Proven Exclusivity programs to agreed budget.
    • To monitor all contacts and leads to ensure achievement of target conversion rates.
    • To ensure that all used car stock is sold at a profit which achieves the company’s targeted return on stock investment.

    4. Cost Control: (Demo and Buy-back cars)
    • To examine monthly/quarterly management accounts to ensure total expenditure, including reconditioning expenses, does not exceed an agreed percentage of gross sales.
    • To monitor used car stock and ensure that agreed liquidation policies are implemented to achieve the company’s stock turn and average margin targets.
    • To ensure the availability of stock conforming to the company’s agreed stock profile and volume through maintenance of trading relationships and application of agreed appraisal/valuation practices.
    • To ensure vehicles return from Mercedes-Benz leasing (Thailand) to remarketing Process.

    •  Bachelor or Master in Business Administration
    •  5 years experience in used cars sales, sales function or related function
    •  Skill of sales management, marketing and interpersonal
    •  Knowledge of retail motor industry, up-to-date of vehicle, consumer credit and trade
    • practices legislation
    •  Ability to motivate salespeople, manage and administer a department, provide
    • organization, systems and leadership
    •  Customer and process oriented
    •  Computer literacy

    Alteration & Documentation Engineer


    1. Manage/ coordinate the Alteration Process
    • Summarize all relevant information concerning engineering technical alteration, engineering change and related information in the FTA report (Final Technical Alteration).
    • Coordinate alteration data validation and implementation by the model engineers and other process stakeholders and moderate alteration meeting.
    • Monitor and report the alteration process compliance and create ideas for further improvement of the process.

    2. Manage/ coordinate the Documents Center
    • Coordinate document flow with Mercedes-Benz Operations/Passenger Cars Production Support Foreign Assembly Plants, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing (Thailand) - MBMTh and its production partner for all relevant documents.
    • Monitor and report the documentation flow process compliance and create ideas for further improvement of the process.

    3. Support the quality system
    • Maintain the Quality Management system at Mercedes-Benz (Thailand)/Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant according to ISO requirements ISO9001, TS16949 and DaimlerAG (DAG) standards e.g. DAG Guideline, Completely Knocked Down Q-concept.

    4. Syteline & Customs documentation
    • Create the FTA report as reference for production part in term of part usage, validate FTA report data by comparison with and Final Packing List
    • Create alteration report to be used for customs purpose

    5. Manage Continuous Improvement activities as a CI-manager
    • To be project manager for improvements of the production system in cooperation with internal project resources and resources from the contract manufacturer.

    •  Bachelor/Master degree Engineering or comparable in Manufacturing with focus on automotive field
    •  2-3 year experience in automotive/Manufacturing process, Process/Product development would be advantage
    •  Good knowledge of technical in automotive industry and technical Mercedes-Benz – (MB) product/automotive
    •  Good skill of strategic, communication, leadership, interpersonal and presentation
    •  Open minded, teamwork, self-motivated and target driven
    •  Computer literacy (MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
    •  Good command of English
    •  Able to communicate in Thai (listening, speaking, writing and reading)

    Shopfloor Management & Improvement Projects Manager

    1. Manage/ coordinate the daily Shopfloor Management (SFM)
    • Coordinate the daily SFM process with all involved parties.
    • Regularly attend the Department (Dept.) SFM & Factory SFM meetings.
    • Coach the Management and staff during or after the SFM meetings.
    • Support Problem Solving cases.
    • Plan Standard based Process Control in cooperation with Quality Management (QM).
    • Monitor Standard Based Process Control results & visualize on the Factory SFM board.
    • Update monthly database of SFM & Downtime and SFM Handbook.
    • Organize trainings based on the SFM Handbook.
    • Audit the Dept./Plant SFM and 5S activities in cooperation with the Management quarterly.
    • Plan and support 5S workshops with the process owners and organize the 5S award quarterly.
    • Coordinate the Target Agreement with Contract Manufacturer annually and evaluate the Target Achievement quarterly.
    2. Support Improvement project teams
    • Manage/coordinate the yearly improvement process in each Dept. by preparing and leading workshops for Improvement Planning and Implementation.
    • Analyse problems and work out Improvement project proposals. If required request support from Mercedes Benz Operations/Passenger Cars Production Support Foreign Assembly Plants and Mercedes Benz Operations/Passenger Cars Produktivitätsentwicklung CKD.
    • Support Improvement project teams by providing information and training about Project Management and Improvement tools e.g. Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping,
    Structured Problem Solving, KPI Definition and Visualization, 5S Workshops.
    • Track the status of Improvement projects and report project progress to the management. Escalate to the management in case of project delay or other project related problems.

    • 3. Manage/coordinate the generation of Key Performance Indicators
    • Coordinate the Mercedes Benz Operations/ Passenger Cars (MO/PC) Reporting with the KPI-CKD experts from MO/PC and with the process owners from Production, QM, Production Process Management, Logistics, Human Resources & Controlling monthly.
    • Communicate changes of the KPI system to the process owners and work out efficient solutions to collect the required data input and generate the KPIs.
    • Bachelor in Engineering or comparable
    • Minimum 3 years work experience in automotive production or consulting sector with project management or preferable in Continuous Improvement projects focus
    • Strong analysis, data processing, interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
    • Knowledge in Lean Production, Continuous Improvement, Shopfloor Management
    • Computer literacy (MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
    • Good command of English language in speaking and writing
    • Able to communicate in Thai (listening, speaking, writing and reading)

    Controlling and Portfolio Management Analyst


    1. Controlling
    • Complete monthly controlling and portfolio management's report and ad hoc on time.
    • Conduct Pricing Committee and make sure that pricing tool is accuracy with the updated parameters provided.
    • Handle marketing budget reimbursement and dealer discount correctly with Sales and Marketing Team.
    • Support company new campaign process before and after launching to the market e.g. parameter providing.

    2. Portfolio Management
    • Prepare varieties of portfolio management reports on weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis within timely manner.
    • Ensure the data quality in any submitted portfolio management reports.
    • Provide prudent analysis to indicate material development of the business results.
    • Prepare Ad-hoc reports related to portfolio management by requests.
    • Support development of Datawarehouse with Business Process Management.
    • Apply and adjust the reports from Head Quarter (HQ) and region to utilize in local requirement.
    • Provide and make recommendation based on portfolio trend analysis.

    3. Credit Risk Supports
    • Support in providing historical net credit loss data and also provide the calculation and recommendation of the cost of risk.
    • Support Collection & Remarketing activities in provision and writing off forecasting and processing and outsource agents’ performance using loan cure rate analysis.
    • Support in the process to validate and monitor the credit scorecard, and play supporting role to develop the scorecard.

    4. Service Provider
    • Provide information supports to HQ and region in regular reporting and related requests.
    • Provide information supports within the company in order to facilitate management decision on business opportunity strategy, risk and underwriting policy, collection strategy, etc.

    • Master in Business Administration (Finance), Economics, IT or related field
    • At least 3 years experience in relevant credit/portfolio/reporting/ IT position. Experience in Financial service industry is advantage
    • Project Management and cross-cultural experience - ability to work effectively with expatriate CFO & Foreign interns
    • Skills of data analysis, interpretation, analytical and interpersonal
    • Self-motivation
    • Computer literacy (MS Office - advance of Excel, Power Point, Access, Macro, VBA)
    • Good command of English
    • Able to communicate in Thai

    Senior Manager : Dealer Relationship Manager

    HR Business Partner and Topic Management


    • Bachelor / Master in Business Administration, Law, Human Resources Management or its equivalent.
    • Experience of working as HR Business Partner & Topic Management, Min. 5 years experiences in Management level in HR areas.
    • Significant experience of successfully managing the co-ordination and delivery of key HR services and employees relations.
    • Good understanding of Employment Act, Labor Law and other related Government statutory requirement.
    • Strong Business Acumen, Strong Project Management and Change Management Skill
    • Computer literacy , MS Office - advance of Excel, Power Point, Access,), Visio
    • Fluent in English (speaking, listening and writhing)
    • Able to communicate in Thai


    1. Business
    This roles will responsible for delivering services to business in the following areas ;
    • HR Business Partnering
    • HR Compliance and Policies
    • Talent acquisition
    • Performance and Talent Management and Development
    • Expatriate Management
    • Total rewards – Compensation and Benefits
    • Employees and Industrial Relations
    • HR Planning and Reporting
    2. Customers (Internal & External)
    • Build and foster a good working relationship with business partners, HR communities both local & regional, 3rd parties service providers, related external bodies and local authorities.
    • Ongoing collaboration with business partner in developing and rolling out a HR communication strategy.
    • Enacted HR policies and guidelines to related parties
    • Liaison with other HR Colleagues within Daimler group on best practices and policies sharing
    3. Leadership and Teamwork
    • Performs to ethical standards, takes responsibility and is a roles model of integrity corporate values
    • Aligns vision, strategy, goals and people
    • Promotes a diverse culture of collaboration and learning
    • Executes decisions and delivers results
    • Challenges and develops people to top performance
    • Demonstrates undisputed will to succeed.

      Customers Experience Management Manager

      JOB SCOPE :

      1. Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Sales/ Customer Loyalty Index (CLI)
      • Maintain Sales Satisfaction Index database to ensure data accuracy and proper functionalities. Propose change requirement where necessary.
      • Coordinate with outsourced agency to ensure a timely and accurate CSI-Sale/CLI survey and reporting.
      • Review, and provide reports to cross-functional departments Mercedes-Benz (Thailand)-MBTh and Mercedes-Benz Vietnam (MBV), and to MBTh authorized dealers in a timely, accurate manner.
      • Define and execute/ support CSI initiatives defined for Hub South East Asia1 (HUB SEA 1); target setting, action plan, recognition program, dealer training. Provide best practice sharing to Hub SEA 1 Network Development front-ends to drive further improvement.
      2. Mystery Shopping
      • Coordinate with outsourced agency to ensure a timely and accurate fieldwork and reporting.
      • Review and provide reports to cross-functional departments MBTh and MBV in a timely, accurate manner.

      3. Dealer Communication for Best Customer Experience (BCE) program, supporting CSI
      • Consolidate and adapt BCE contents under the cross-functional project organization and centrally communicate to the dealers to ensure retail commitment and project realization as per defined timeline in Thailand.
      • Maintain Dealer Portal on SharePoint for BCE topics.

      4. Other business projects support
      • Consolidate and maintain relevant process documentation.
      • Coordinate/communicate project information to concerned parties.
      • Perform general project coordination, meeting arrangement, administrative tasks for relevant projects, topics.
      • Other ad-hoc tasks as per assigned.

      • • Bachelor or Master degree in Business Management or related field
      • • Minimum 3-5 years in automotive business, experience in leading project, customer research, Customer Relationship Management / Customer Experience Management (CEM)
      • • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1” (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory.
      • • Computer literacy
      • • Process oriented with analytical skill and customer orientation
      • • Excellent interpersonal and performance driven
      • • Familiar with Autoline/CRM application is a plus

      Planning, Costing and Adaptation Senior Manager

      JJOB SCOPE :

      • Conduct Training Demand Analysis and prepare Training Plan for HUB South East Asia1 (HUB SEA1) markets
      • Calculate and implement training charge to HUB SEA1 markets
      • Prepare annual Operative Planning for HUB SEA1 markets
      • Follow-up Training Plan execution in HUB SEA1 markets
      • Plan and coordinate for Market Certification and Trainer Certification of HUB SEA1 markets
      • Plan and arrange training vehicles, models and tools for HUB SEA1 markets to fulfill standards and requirement
      • Coordinate with internal and external parties to implement required training programs in HUB SEA1 markets
      • Prepare and check Dealers Standards for HUB SEA1 markets


      • Bachelor degree or above in Automotive, Education or Business Administration with relevant majors
      • At least 5 years experience in automotive environment
      • Excellent planning, communication, and computer skills
      • Knowledge of Training and Costing principles (Training demand analysis, Training plan, Cost planning and management), Training and Development
      • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1” (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory
      • Fluent in Thai (German would be an advantage)
      • Graduate in Business Administration or higher.
      • Have experiences in sales and marketing, preferable in automotive industry.
      • Own commercial vehicles product knowledge
      • Excellent English proficiency
      • Proficiency in Microsoft Office

        Product Training Manager

        JOB SCOPE :

        1. Instruction
        • Conduct technical service courses for technicians and apprentices from dealers. Supplement training subjects and contents in line with requirements and adapt accordingly to the training needs of participants.
        2. Self-instruction
        • Obtain information regarding the operation and repair facilities of new technical training.
        • Attend the update training courses offered by Global Training or other parties to developing own knowledge, skill and attitudes as well as self-study from technical manual, IT based information(CBT, EWAnet, AKUBIS ) etc.

        3. Training material/equipment and information
        • Ensure that training material, equipment and practice room are well organized/ maintained to enable the training conducted effectively and successfully.
        • Ensure that required technical information is delivered internally and externally.

        4. Support in solving technical problems
        • Develop work instructions and technical information in cooperation with technicians and apprentices as technical advisor.

        5. Training evaluation
        • Develop training concept and work with test committee.


        • Bachelor in Science of Education, Automotive Engineering or related field.
        • At least 2-5 years experience in automotive technology training.
        • Strong inter- personal/communication skills, problem-solving skills, good service mind, strong leadership, positive attitude and self-motivated
        • Have driving license
        • Good command of English
        • Computer literacy
        • Able to communicate in Thai

          Technical Complaint Manager

          JOB SCOPE :

          1. Receive complaints from customer and solve their problems/concerns as to maintain customer satisfaction.
          2. Coordinate with Customer Relations of dealer service workshop which customers complained in order to support dealer to solve the customers’ complaints.
          3. Coordinate with internal departments such as Warranty, Part, Customer Contact Center, etc. for related information for further action or process to solve the customers’ complaints.
          4. Keep contacting and following up with customers either by verbally or written until the complaints has been solved.
          5. Be an authorized representative of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) in clarifying or negotiating with customers or government authorities for gaining customers’ satisfaction and brand image of the company.
          6. Prepare summary of customer complaints or related information to Senior Manager or General Manager: Service Operations monthly.

          REQUIREMENTS :

          • Bachelor degree in any fields
          • At least 3-5 years working experience in automotive business or customer service
          • Negotiation skill and interpersonal skill
          • Computer Literacy e.g. Microsoft Office
          • Good command of spoken and written English
          • Able to communicate in Thai

            Interested applicants please submit your resume to
            Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further interview process.