Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, an automotive company operated under the umbrella of Daimler AG, the world's largest manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, was founded on January 14, 1998. Mercedes-Benz Thailand handles the importation, assembly, and distribution of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as provides full maintenance and after-sales services to its clientele.

We are currently looking for qualified candidates to join the first class team according to the following position.

    Parts Trading Business Senior Manager


    1. Development and future refining of national Over-the-Counter (OtC) Excellence strategy:
    • Development of short-term sales measure in order to push OtC business.
    • Creation and refining of a national OtC-Excellence strategy and concept on basis of the GSP ‘OtC Essentials’ and under consideration of available OtC market studies with the aim to maximize parts market exploitation and customer parts purchase loyalty.
    • Establishment of standardized Sales channels and OtC Service offers as well as development of quantitative and qualitative bonus and incentive schemes and appropriate Network Branding for authorized OtC partners.

    2. Regular Retail Visits:
    • Visits of authorized OtC dealers and joint visits with the dealers’ parts field force to ISPs (Independent Service Providers) to understand their needs, ensure know-how transfer and to develop customer specific solutions and ensure standardized offers and processes.
    • Ensure feedback about visit results, defined measures and target achievement to Mercedes-Benz Thailand Management.

    3. Active dealer support:
    • Creation and coordination of ‘Active Selling’ activities with focus on overall OtC business development via authorized OtC partners.
    • Analyse and capture actual processes at authorized OtC dealers and define measures to improve effectiveness of parts department e.g. ordering behavior, sales procedure, pricing policy, stock control, inventory control, logistics, OtC Marketing and other activities etc. (aligned with After Sales Field Force).

    4. Marketing Communication:
    • Support authorized OtC partners in developing effective and adequate specific marketing plans and campaigns including success monitoring.
    • Address needs for local OtC marketing support and campaigns to Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) – MBTh, After-Sales Marketing Team and monitor success.
    • Assure compliance to Daimler Corporate identity/Corporate Design guidelines.

    • Bachelor or higher in Business Administration or Marketing with relevant majors.
    • At least 7 years of professional experience in automotive After-Sales, preferably After-Sales retail or Parts wholesale/retail experience.
    • Solid knowledge in parts processes.
    • Positive, self-motivated outlook coupled with the analytical and strategic thinking.
    • Entrepreneurial, independent and customer dedicated thinking and acting.
    • Tactful and diplomatic negotiation skills with ability to convince customers and suppliers and emphasis on building team spirit.
    • Willingness to conduct extensive travel activities, nationwide.
    • Computer literacy in standard programs
    • Able to communicate in Thai fluently (listening , speaking, reading and writing)
    • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1” (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory.
    • Have a driver license.

    Fleet & Diplomatic Sales Senior Manager


    1. Fleet Business Development / Fleet Key Account Management
    • Develop national Fleet policy from Fleet sales channel guideline of DaimlerAG (DAG).
    • Set up dealer standard of Fleet business for all dealers to support qualitative Fleet business development.
    • Define Fleet targets both quantitative and qualitative, and develop strategy to achieve the set targets.
    • Structure Fleet Center concept and manage Fleet business steering at retailers together with Retail Consulting team.
    • Initiate competitive offers to win major Fleet deals including Fleet products, services package and financial services, etc.

    2. Direct Sales Management
    • Develop national Direct sales policy and business process guideline.
    • Oversee all of Direct sales deals to ensure the competitive offers must be complying with Daimler work instruction.
    • Manage Customer Relationship Management activities and arrange product training when required for government and diplomat customers.
    • Coordinate with other departments and DAG to provide trainings for government customers when required.

    3. Used-cars (UC) Business
    • Implement DAG set UC guideline and update business development status with DAG.
    • Develop national UC sales strategy, standards for UC sales in the network, process and product measures such as UC sources, UC warranty product.
    • Define UC targets both quantitative and qualitative (i.e. average stock age, trade-in ration, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) standards, punctuality and quality of UC reporting) and develop strategy to achieve the set targets.
    • Provide trainings and consultations to dealers for all UC business processes together with Retail Consulting team.
    • Oversee the auction of company car to dealers and other remarketing channels.

    4. Personnel Management
    • Manage, motivate and train employee in order to achieve optimum result with regards to the objective of the function and the personal development of the team.

    • Bachelor or Master degree in Marketing, Business Administration or related field
    • At least 5-year experience in Sales & Marketing field in automotive industry, preferably in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or wholesale business
    • Being proficient in financial services and fleet management tools
    • Strong analytical, problem solving, negotiation and inter-personal skills with high self-confidence
    • High level of customer and service orientation
    • Able to communicate in Thai
    • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1”
    • (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory.

    After-Sales Field Force Manager


    1. Dealer visits, consulting and feedback:
    • Conduct Dealer visit according to agreed visit frequency.
    • Ensure consistent creation of dealer visit reports including improvement measures and accountability on dealer level.
    • Coordinate dealer feedback to internal stakeholders on AS topics.

    2. Dealer Parts & Service Performance and Development:
    • Perform operational review and consult dealer on their performance based on AS KPIs, defined targets (Parts and Oil) and workshop process consulting with the objective to improve their overall Parts and Service performance.
    • Ensure bilateral establishment of sustainably improvement measures.
    • Coordinate set-up of appropriate After-Sales dealer targets.

    3. Dealer Standard Monitoring:
    • Ensure proper consulting on National After-Sales Dealer Standards, review audit results and advice on improvement measures.
    • Coordinate with Network Development and other AS departments on update or review of standards.
    • Observe dealer compliance with overall Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) – (MBTh) policies and guidelines.

    4. New dealer setup:
    • Support new dealer set-up on all AS aspects including Dealer Standards and perform AS assessment according to ISO.

    5. Support Parts & Service Marketing Campaign:
    • Support AS Marketing team with necessary guidance of dealers to execute AS Marketing campaigns.
    • Collect dealer feedback and coordinate with internal stakeholders.

    6. Special Assignment:
    • Handle and coordinate special tasks as assigned.

    •   Bachelor or higher in Business Administration or Marketing with relevant majors.
    • 3-5 years of professional experience in automotive After-Sales (AS), preferably AS retail.
    • Solid knowledge in workshop and parts processes.
    • High willingness to learn, poses a positive, self-motivated outlook coupled with the analytical, strategic thinking and emphasis on building team spirit.
    • Tactful and diplomatic with ability to convince customers, suppliers.
    • Strong management and negotiation skills.
    • Computer literacy (MS Office, Internet).
    • Good command of English both spoken and written.
    • Able to communicate in Thai fluently (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
    • Able to travel around Bangkok and Up-country.
    • Own driver license.

    Used Car Sales Manager


    1. Sales Strategic Planning:
    • Formulate used car marketing plan, initiate and conduct sales promotions (Trade-in).
    • Analyze own and competitors movement, sales, and lost sales, adjusting stocking policies as appropriate.

    2. Used Cars Dealer Consultant:
    • Maintain effective liaison with other sales managers.
    • Advise the Dealer Principal and other managers on used car sales matters.
    • Advise and coach subordinates on appropriate used car sales-related matters.
    • Ensure adequate stock of product and price information is available.

    3. Improved profitability:
    • To ensure budgetary sales/profit forecasts are achieved.
    • To maintain the annual rate of stock turnover.
    • To ensure annual increase of local market penetration.
    • To ensure used car stock value does not exceed agreed annual figure.
    • To ensure cost-effective utilization of sales space.
    • To create and manage the advertising to build Brand awareness for Proven Exclusivity programs to agreed budget.
    • To monitor all contacts and leads to ensure achievement of target conversion rates.
    • To ensure that all used car stock is sold at a profit which achieves the company’s targeted return on stock investment.

    4. Cost Control: (Demo and Buy-back cars)
    • To examine monthly/quarterly management accounts to ensure total expenditure, including reconditioning expenses, does not exceed an agreed percentage of gross sales.
    • To monitor used car stock and ensure that agreed liquidation policies are implemented to achieve the company’s stock turn and average margin targets.
    • To ensure the availability of stock conforming to the company’s agreed stock profile and volume through maintenance of trading relationships and application of agreed appraisal/valuation practices.
    • To ensure vehicles return from Mercedes-Benz leasing (Thailand) to remarketing Process.

    •  Bachelor or Master in Business Administration
    •  5 years experience in used cars sales, sales function or related function
    •  Skill of sales management, marketing and interpersonal
    •  Knowledge of retail motor industry, up-to-date of vehicle, consumer credit and trade
    • practices legislation
    •  Ability to motivate salespeople, manage and administer a department, provide
    • organization, systems and leadership
    •  Customer and process oriented
    •  Computer literacy

    Planning, Costing and Adaptation Senior Manager


    • Conduct Training Demand Analysis and prepare Training Plan for HUB South East Asia1 (HUB SEA1) markets
    • Calculate and implement training charge to HUB SEA1 markets
    • Prepare annual Operative Planning for HUB SEA1 markets
    • Follow-up Training Plan execution in HUB SEA1 markets
    • Plan and coordinate for Market Certification and Trainer Certification of HUB SEA1 markets
    • Plan and arrange training vehicles, models and tools for HUB SEA1 markets to fulfill standards and requirement
    • Coordinate with internal and external parties to implement required training programs in HUB SEA1 markets
    • Prepare and check Dealers Standards for HUB SEA1 markets

    • Bachelor degree or above in Automotive, Education or Business Administration with relevant majors
    • At least 5 years experience in automotive environment
    • Excellent planning, communication, and computer skills
    • Knowledge of Training and Costing principles (Training demand analysis, Training plan, Cost planning and management), Training and Development
    • English proficiency at Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale “C1” (equivalent to IELTS 6.5 – 7, TOEFL 637 – 677) is mandatory
    • Fluent in Thai (German would be an advantage)
    • Graduate in Business Administration or higher.
    • Have experiences in sales and marketing, preferable in automotive industry.
    • Own commercial vehicles product knowledge
    • Excellent English proficiency
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office

    Technical Complaint Manager


    1. Receive complaints from customer and solve their problems/concerns as to maintain customer satisfaction.
    2. Coordinate with Customer Relations of dealer service workshop which customers complained in order to support dealer to solve the customers’ complaints.
    3. Coordinate with internal departments such as Warranty, Part, Customer Contact Center, etc. for related information for further action or process to solve the customers’ complaints.
    4. Keep contacting and following up with customers either by verbally or written until the complaints has been solved.
    5. Be an authorized representative of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) in clarifying or negotiating with customers or government authorities for gaining customers’ satisfaction and brand image of the company.
    6. Prepare summary of customer complaints or related information to Senior Manager or General Manager: Service Operations monthly.


    • Bachelor degree in any fields
    • At least 3-5 years working experience in automotive business or customer service
    • Negotiation skill and interpersonal skill
    • Computer Literacy e.g. Microsoft Office
    • Good command of spoken and written English
    • Able to communicate in Thai

      Body Shop Engineer

      JOB SCOPE:

      1. Leading:
      • Be coordinator for the team
      • Implement training plan
      • Enhance team spirit and motivation
      • Train staff in engineering and quality matters
      • Set up targets, evaluate, prioritize and monitor them
      • Guarantee of flow information on all important issues
      • Evaluate staff
      • Support for staff development/training activities for contract assembler

      2. Developing production process Body shop:
      • Manage further development and documentation Completely Knocked Down     (CKD) Body shop production process on spot, information flow, identification   & performing of tool, fixture, equipment and facilities requirements/ordering
      • Coordinate of line/station layout’s including car in process (CIP)

      3. Control system Body shop:
      • Establish and monitor Mercedes-Benz Production System, Control system 1-2   including documentation/alteration management for Body shop
      • Support and monitor of production interruptions related to engineering issue
      • Define measures to be implemented, call in measures and follow up including    (CIP)
      • Support fulfillment requirements of production plan

      4. Preparation:
      • Monitor/advice to ensure that all engineering changes/tooling/equipment are     realized and be prepared before production start
      • Ensure that all document which required for production are updated and on       spot by IT base system

      5. Quality system:
      • Support and maintain Quality Management system Mercedes-Benz                     (Thailand)/Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant according to ISO                     requirements and DAG standards, e.g. TS 16949, 14001

      6. Special Project:
      • Plan, lead and monitor process/product project’s for Body shop according to     project target and plan
      • Introduce new process/tools/equipment after project phase

      • Bachelor in Engineering or comparable in Manufacturing with focus on automotive field. New graduated is welcome.
      • Experience in automotive manufacturing process is a plus
      • Basic knowledge of quality systems such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001:2004 and method of process improvements e.g. FMEA, SPC, MSA
      • Strong skills of analytical, data processing, interpersonal, strategic, leadership, presentation and communication
      • Self-motivated, open minded, teamwork and target driven
      • Computer literacy
      • Good command of English
      • Able to communicate in Thai fluently (listening, speaking, reading and writing)

      Workshop Processes Manager

      JOB SCOPE:

      1. Business Process Development:
      • Ensure business processes in Department of Central Parts, Central Service and After-Sales Marketing are complied with corporate guidelines, local regulations and legal requirements.
      • Ensure the controlled activities are identified, monitored and sample checked.
      • Any non-conformity found, preventive or corrective action will be followed up.
      2. Documentation System Maintenance:
      • Coordination can range from administration duties (maintenance of project documentation, plans and reports).
      • Ensure documents are controlled according to document controlled system.

      3. Dealership Standard Monitoring:
      • Monitor dealership standard activities to have them done within time frame.
      • Collect and consolidate Off-Site, Exemption, Appeals of After Sales to submit to Network
      Development Department.
      • Follow up issues requested by auditors during dealer audit period

      4. Special Tasks Assignment:
      • Handle the special tasks assigned by direct superior 

      • • Bachelor or Master in Business Administration, Science or Engineering
      • • At least 5 years experiences in an automotive environment system and business processes or spare parts
      • • Excellent communication, presentation, leadership and interpersonal skills
      • • Computer literacy; MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) , Visio and MS project
      • • Good command of English both spoken and written
      • • Able to communicate in Thai fluently (listening, speaking, reading and writing) 

      Business Intelligence and Pricing & Reporting Officer

      JOB SCOPE:

      1. Extract parts pricing data, prepare and calculate selling price in order to align with company guidelines. Planning and speculating outcome in terms of turnover. Communicate annual price adjustment and validation date with all dealers in advance.
      2. Prepare Dealer Parts Performance Report related to Incentive Program and monitor parts achievement by coordinating with Customer Process & Support. Prepare incentive letter to all dealers in a timely manner.
      3. Supporting aftersales campaign by preparing and analyzing parts costing. Evaluating parts performance related to respective activities to ensure target achievement according to Discount and Margin Monitoring Guideline. Keeping track and retaining all Special Price Request Form for further evaluation based on target agreement.
      4. Initiate and monitor Dealer Margin Guideline: After-Sales Incentive Program.
      5. Coordinate and support new pricing concept (Presto Export Pricing- PEP).
      6. Monitor Negative Margin Report of critical items.
      7. ISO Representative.
      8. Perform other tasks or projects as assigned. 

      • • University graduate in Marketing, Business Administration or related fields
      • • Experience in aftersales automotive will be advantageous
      • • Good communication and coordination skills
      • • Have analytical thinking and self-motivated
      • • Good command of English
      • • Computer literacy
      • • Able to communicate in Thai (listening, speaking, reading and writing) 

      Business Support Officer – Contract Activation

      Supervisor: Technical Support

      Manager: Procurement Non – Production Materials

      Manager: Social Media & Analytics Marketing

      Officer: Quality Planning Process Audit Engineer

      Interested applicants please submit your resume to
      Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further interview process.